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Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog. Up until now I have been using Ravelry to post about my projects, but I felt I just needed to say a bit more about them. Since I’m never short on words about knitting, spinning, or crochet I decided to start a blog.

I’m not going to do an introduction, since I’m sure over the course of the blog I will be saying enough about myself for anyone on the planet to know me. The one thing I will explain is the name, which you have already probably guessed anyway… yes, we have 6 cats. There I said it… They are constantly in my yarn and “carding” my wool for me so they are a big part of my fiber world. One of the kittens likes to come up and lay down on whatever ball of yarn I’m working from so that he can play with it as I pull it out from under him.

So that I don’t make this first post too long I’ll end it here but since I’ve been very busy with a bunch of projects and dying some wool I will be putting up a few more posts in the next couple of days.



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  1. northernnarratives said:

    Hello, nice to meet another knitter. I look forward to seeing some photos of your kniting projects. Judy

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