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Ok, so all of us at times have been guilty of second sock syndrome. When we were moving and my MIL was helping me go through stuff I’m sure that she thought I am completely crazy when she found several bags with one sock, a ball of yarn, a pattern and needles. As a matter of fact one of my first knitting experiences as an adult was with socks and an extreme case of sss.

I re-learned to knit so that I could knit socks. For some reason the idea of knitting socks completely fascinated me. The shop where I had learned to spin had wonderful yarns (this is before I discovered true yarn shops as they were primarily a spinning and weaving shop with a few shelves of knitting yarn). So, I told them I wanted to knit socks and they directed me to a few balls of appropriate sport weight yarn and a book/pamphlet “I can’t believe I’m knitting socks” and some dpns. I was so excited I left with all of this stuff and some maroon tweed acrylic sport weight yarn to make hubby some socks. At least I’m assuming they were for him because the first one was loose even on him when I finished it a couple of weeks later.

I don’t really know how it happened, or remember getting this terrible illness called second sock syndrome, but it happened. About two years later we moved and I came across a project bag with the one sock and all of the things that went along with it still intact (I hadn’t even cast on the second sock). So, I decided to try this again and finish the project. What I think the book didn’t tell you is to go by measurements, not rows (or at least that is what I did). When I sailed through the second sock, that I made with the exact same number of rows as the first I was so excited for hubby to get home and try them on. He came home and I proudly presented him with his new pair of socks (he has never understood or shared my enthusiasm about socks) he tried them on and I learned my first lesson about gauge and knitting when you are stressed out vs. when you are calm and relaxed. I think that second sock was at least 3 sizes bigger than the first. I did make him wear them at least two times btw. =)

Maybe that is the reason that my hubby never asked me to knit him any more socks until a few years later and then only realized how great they were after he had worn them?

Ok, so now for the cure! Well, I’m not sure it so much of a cure as a distraction technique that may work sometimes. Recently I found the group Year of Stash Socks where they pick 2-3 patterns each month and you are supposed to knit a pair of socks out of one of those patterns or knit a plain vanilla type. The yarn for these is supposed to come out of your stash so you have the benefit of several pairs of socks and use up lots of your stash by the end of the year.

Since I didn’t find the group until March I decided to catch up with the group starting with the January pattern and do a plain vanilla sock to count for February. I was hoping to finish these by the end of March and do March/April  in April but an unfortunate fall hurt my back and I ended up in the hospital.

The January pattern I picked was the  

St. Brigid’s Carnamoyle Stockings in red and grey Cascade 220.
My project notes and pics are here:


The February pattern I started at the same time is just a plain sock pattern in my dad’s size as a late b-day present in some Opal Rainforest – Peacock colorway with plain navy blue toes, heels and cuffs.

My project notes and pics are here:


So, why the title and what is the cure?! Well I did the first of the red socks and was sort of frustrated at the end of it because the pattern had some mistakes and some things were left out so I set it aside and picked up the blue sock. I hadn’t made much progress on it because the navy blue sections were hard to see and I had to be near a reading light to do them. So I set to work on that one and was able to complete it because every time I wanted to stray my dislike of the red socks made me keep working.

Ok, now I have two totally different socks so now what? Well, when I finished the first blue sock I ended up going to the hospital and I told my hubby to take the bag with both of the sock projects (for waiting room knitting, not knowing I would be there a week). So, by then I was ready to take red sock #2 out of time out and work on it, even though the morphine made me knit in slow motion and it took me all week to finish one sock that would normally only take hours. I came home and have been stuck in bed so was able to put the reading light next to me and had forgiven the navy blue yarn enough by then. Now I have one pair of socks done and on hubby’s feet and Dad’s socks 75% done. I think I’ll be completely done by tomorrow and am thinking I will try to do two pairs at a time like this from now on.

Now if I could only get around to pulling out all of those single socks and finishing them…..


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  1. Congrats on finishing the socks! Knitting socks is my long term knitting goal.

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