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Easter a little bit late

Well, I was going to post on Easter about the cute little gift I finished for my daughter and how our roses are exploding with blooms but I took a nap that afternoon when everyone left (after a very sleepless night) and then promptly forgot to make my post.

So, the knitting part was very last minute as usual. Kenzie had mentioned a few days before that she would like some fingerless mitts and the night before I decided to make her some of the Susie’s Reading Mitts which was the quickie KAL for the 90% Knitting podcast. I cast on in magic loop on Saturday evening, while watching the classic Doctor Who series (I’m up to the second doctor), and stayed up until I got to about the last 2 inches. When I woke up I went straight to work and finished just before she woke up. I gave them to her when she came in to say good morning and I think that is why she was hiding her face in the pic. She is definitely not a morning person. For some reason it looks like there is a big mistake in the picture on her right hand but I think it was just a pucker or something  because I looked at them afterward and everything is completely smooth.

I really liked knitting these because they are quick and simple. One thing I would advise anyone knitting them is that instead of waiting until you are done to fold under the edge and sew it down you can more easily do it by sewing it together when you get to the last row of the edging. Since the stitches would still be on the needle it is easy to see which row you need to be stitching into. It doesn’t affect the knitting at all and you end up with part of the finishing already being done. They would also be cute with a lace pattern or a cable inserted into the plain knitting portion.

I guess I not only got in under the gun for an Easter pattern, but I got the pattern right before they permanently took their site down. Luckily Fibernymph of the 90% knitting podcast was able to point out that the pdf page was still available even though the website was shut down. Here is her page: http://fibernymph.com/

Now for the Easter part. Even though the weather has been sort of back and forth between winter and spring by the time we decided to have our supper the weather was beautiful and we were able to sit outside at the table. We have recently been putting out birdseed so that the cats can watch the birds outside the window and because of that while we were out there we were graced by the presence of about 6-8 little sparrows. They are so cute and were quite brave by the end of the day. I hadn’t realized until that day that in addition to the Sweet Peas that grow up the rose arbor there is also a Honeysuckle vine. Hopefully that will bring some hummingbirds in soon. Grandpa and Minima both enjoy lots of hummingbirds at their houses and I’m crazy to get a few here.

One of the boys (most of the boys in the family are young adults so when I say boys I really mean young men) found out that Dakota is a talking dog and was playing with her a lot that day because he thought that was funny. She may act like a puppy, but she just turned 6 and was so worn out when she left that all she would do is lay on the bed. She wouldn’t even get up for her monkey, which is her favorite toy.

Another of the boys, my oldest son, was very obviously missing because he is in the Navy and is currently deployed for several more months. I wish we could have talked to him or at least gotten an email, but his ship is on a communication shutdown right now. If anyone had told me that he would be fighting pirates near Africa or the Persian Gulf when he was a little boy I would have laughed at you and said that when I was little I wanted to be a school bus driver or a ballerina. I guess you never know where life will take you. I don’t know if he can receive my emails but I send them anyway so that if they are getting held up he’ll get them eventually.


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  1. I love those fingerless mitts! They’re very pretty.

    I also had to laugh about your boy growing up to fight pirates. How true. You just wouldn’t think of something like that 20 odd years ago.

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