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Spring is here?


This has been such a weird year for Spring weather. I think that April was a real reminder of the saying “April showers bring May flowers.” Especially since all of our rose bushes seem to be exploding with buds. My dad loves to cut flowers for me when I go over there and he cut the most beautiful red roses that are now halfway opened and look like there are about 6 little rosettes within the bud. So pretty! It has been years since I have had rose bushes and am really enjoying the amount of rose bushes already planted at the new house. After watching the video podcast put out by Herbmentor.com about what to do with rose petals I can’t wait to get back on my feet and make some rose petal honey and rose petal iced tea. Lord knows we have enough rose petals to use. Right now we’ve been cutting them to have fresh flowers in the house and then feeding them to the guinea pigs a day or two later because they love them and need the vast amounts of vitamin c in roses. I guess I should be glad that we aren’t in the midwest where it probably seems more like winter than spring right now. I can’t remember the rule of thumb but I am really hoping that since we had such a wet and cold winter that the summer temps will stay a bit lower.

Tuckered out after birdwatching

I love bright socks, especially if they are crazy and bright like toe socks. When the YOSS group did the Vellamo socks for March (yes I am still catching up to the group since I finished these the last day of April). I really wanted to do them in a black or dark blue and the Opal Feelings self striping yarn but I had just used up my skein of navy blue on my dad’s Opal peacock socks. I decided to use up some of the last of the navy blue for the toes and as soon as I started the striping I found some dark blue which would have been perfect. Oh well, the bright green makes the socks very bright and cheery and makes them the perfect Spring socks. Definitely a mood elevator. I wish the colors had come out better on the picture because they are actually much brighter because I took the pic about 11 pm when there was no natural light in the room. I’m too lazy to take the pic again. I’ve been wearing the socks ever since I finished them and they really have made me feel cheery.

Finally Done!!!


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  1. I love them!

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