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This is my birthday month and while I don’t mind too much about turning 40, I thought it was really funny when we found some suckers in Party City that say “40 SUCKS!” I decided that I’m going to do something positive to celebrate my birthday.

So, what we are going to do is give away some prizes from my Etsy shop each week for 4 weeks. http://www.etsy.com/shop/6catsknittingaround   Some of this will spill over to September, but who doesn’t love celebrating their birthday for an entire month? The prize drawings will be done by random number generator each Friday starting on 8/19/11 and ending on 9/9/11.

How you enter for the first drawing is to go to my etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/6catsknittingaround and find something that you really like, then come back to the blog and post a comment telling me what that item is. You also will get 2 extra entries for each item you purchase from my shop during this time.

I am running a sale from 8/1 through 9/9/11 for 15% off if you enter coupon code: 40sucks at checkout.

What can you win? I will post new prizes and a new drawing each week so make sure and check back to see if you won and to enter for the next week. Each week will be a new drawing so come back and enter all 4.

For the first drawing, which will take place 8/19/11 these are the prizes:

1. I am giving away 2 advance copies of my new shawl pattern, Terpsichore – La Muse De La Danse,  that is officially releasing on Ravelry on 8/15/11.

2. A braid of Snow Cone Roving.

3. 2 sets of knitting stitch markers

Set of 10 “40 sucks” themed stitch markers:

40 sucks stitch markers

Set of 10 “Tardis Blues” themed stitch markers:

Tardis Blues stitch markers


Comments on: "It’s my Birthday Month!!! I’m 40 but you get the presents…" (66)

  1. I LOVE your Trueblood colorway! Does Eric come with it by any chance? =)

  2. I love the Hand Dyed Colonial Top Roving 4oz – Pansy and the pink stitch markers.
    (Kim, mitch3kd@gmail.com)

  3. Okay, I have to say the stitch markers. I agree with you on the jewelry for my knitting and my current ones are those ugly but efficient plastic jobs. The amethyst were my favorites until I saw the Tardis blues. As a doctor fan, those rock! I also loved your roving but I’m not a spinner.

  4. I love the Hand Dyed Polwarth Roving 4oz – Spring Violets. Such beautiful colours!!!
    Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for sharing the presents!! This is great fun!!!

  5. I love the Domestikated stitch markers!!

  6. The shawl is so pretty! 😉

  7. What great stuff! I love the roving in Pansy, and in Terpsichore.

  8. I love the True Blood polwarth. I almost bought it with my last order! Hmm maybe I still will. I realized I don’t have as much red and purple in my fiber stash as I thought, and those are my favorites!

  9. I love Scrumdiddlyumptious and circus! I’ll be using my coupon code for sure!

  10. Barbara Currie said:

    I really like the Pansy Colonial roving. I love Pansy flowers but between they always die….

  11. I love your Scrumdiddlyumptious fiber…and your 40 sucks stitch markers!

  12. I love Circus…cause who doesn’t love a rainbow? 🙂

  13. Tracy Workman said:

    I’ve been tempted by the Circus roving each time I’ve gone to etsy for the past few weeks. And I ❤ the TARDIS stitchmarkers!

  14. Love the Hand Dyed Merino Superwash Roving 4oz – Circus

  15. My favorite was the Hand Dyed Superwash Merino Roving 4oz – Pansy. That is so lovely and I am going to be back to look again.

  16. Kelly W. said:

    I love the the So Sari stitch markers. One can never have too many stitch markers.

  17. I LOVE your stitch markers! 🙂 And that they are snag free… I’m a lace knitter as well, and that is a huge plus 🙂

  18. Your Mommy Needs to Make Yarn roving is awesome! I just love purple and green together and if this “mommy” hadn’t already spent her fun money – this wouldn’t be in your shop anymore – heehee… btw – loving this Terpischore shawl knit too! 😀

  19. This is what I love: Hand Dyed BFL Roving 4oz – Circus

    The colors are fabulous!!!

  20. minimerlin said:

    I LOVE the BFL in the Circus colorway it is gorgeous!! The colors look very bright!!!!

  21. I really love the roving! I don’t spin but I want to some day and I really love your Bollywood colorway!

  22. I love the Hand Dyed Polwarth Roving 4oz – Scrumdiddlyumptious

  23. I love the Copperlicious and Tardis stitch markers and the Ocean sock yarn.

  24. I like the silver-purple stitch markers. Purple is my favourite color and I never tried those round markers before.

  25. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I love the True Blood colourway and the Sari stitchmarkers….. so colourful! 🙂

  26. I am celebrating my 40th this month too! I am usually fine with birthdays but this one kinda does suck. I have a three year old and a five year old and I keep thinking “when my Mom was my age I was a junior in college!”

    I love the Hand Dyed BFL Roving 4oz in Terpsichore. I think it is a beautiful colorway and I have not yet spun BFL. I am told it is wonderful.

    • I think this being your birthday month must have brought you luck because you are the second birthday person who won! The random number generator picked you for the Snow Cone Roving. Email me your address and I’ll get it out to you. My email is addknitter @gmail.com

  27. I really really like the Pacific Northwest sock yarn. I live in the PNW, so it would be perfect! And the colors are really pretty! 🙂

  28. I’ve loved your Scrumdiddlyumptious since I first saw it last month, I’ve just been hoping someone else would snatch it up because I have waaay too much fiber atm…but since it was still there when I looked to find something I like, it must be fate! & how can I resist fate! I had to buy it. ^^

  29. Kim McManus said:

    My favorite item is your Terpsichore shawl pattern! I just wonder how many yards it takes….so I can see what I have in my stash, or that I need to purchase to make this one.

  30. knitmit on rav said:

    I like the “Mommy Needs to Make Yarn” merino braid. Reminds me of a summer rose garden 🙂

  31. Happy birthday month! I love the True Blood Heather roving (and I love that there’s so much of it, it’ll make an awesome amount of yarn).

  32. Michelle (strickland66) said:

    I love the Hand Dyed Merino Nylon Sock Yarn in Pacific Northwest color. And who doesn’t love and need stitch markers?

  33. Lisa Kent said:

    Mommy needs to make yarn is my fave!

  34. Yep, the big four-oh sucks…oooooh, but just wait till you are sniffing up the butt of 50! Whoooooweeee, that’s a whole nother level of sucktasticness…but it’s good to still be on this side of the tulips, eh? Have a happy one, and live fiercely. Wave those knitting needles in the air like you just don’t care. 🙂

    Love those Domestikated Dorothy stitch markers. Like your two that I got in last month’s box…they are making the rounds with the never ending Clapotis. I am a sucker for anything rainbow, and of course Circus colorway is right up my proverbial alley.

  35. I really reallly love the Snowcone Polwarth! It looks SO squishy!!!

  36. Happy Birthday!
    I really like your hand-dyed roving in the Mommy Needs Yarn colourway.
    But I also love the roving you are offering as part of your giveaway! Such happy colours.

  37. Love your stitch markers. The colors are great and it’s nice to have some bling on my knitting!

    Congrats on your birthday – the number only means what you want it to!

  38. purplepenguin said:

    I really like Hand Dyed Merino Nylon Sock Yarn 450 yds – Pacific Northwest. The colors look interesting.

    Happy Birthdya! The rest get easier! LOL

  39. Celeste Burns said:

    Happy Birthday to you this month (my birthday was this month too and it included a trip to the Thousand Islands–hope yours is as great a day as mine was). I really like the Hand-Dyed Superwash Merino Pansy roving. Pansies are such a happy flower to have in the garden. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this give-away.

    • I think this being your birthday month must have brought you luck because you won! The random number generator picked you for the Terpsichore knitting pattern. Let me know either your Ravelry id or email and I will send you the pattern.

      • Celeste Burns said:

        WOW! I won. What a wonderful surprise! You can send the pattern to me at ctcburns@yahoo.com . Thank you so much. Now I need to decide which colors and fibers to use to make this beautiful shawl. What a nice subject to think about. I hope your birthday was/will be (?) a great one. And thank you again.

  40. I like mommy needs to knit colorway.

  41. I like the mommy needs to knit colorway.

  42. Ooh! I love your batts, they look delicious. But I also love the Wicked and circus roving. Impossible to pick one, I’d take them all!

  43. I’ve never heard of Peruvian wool so I love this one – Hand Dyed Peruvian Wool Top & Firestar 3.6 oz – Tequila Sunrise, it’s always fun to find new spinning fibre!

  44. I love your Merino/Cotswold/Silk/Nylon batts – they are lovely! I do love all the colorful stitch markers as well. They really grab the eyes.

  45. Anandagirls said:

    Happy Birthday!
    Love your stitch markers (couldn’t pass those up!) as well as the Circus roving; I’ve a weakness for rainbows…. 😉

  46. I really love the handmade set of 10 Promise Ring knitting stich markers. I love blue. Your yarn and roving is beautiful

  47. I’m a sucker for rich rainbows and love your Circus roving! And for anything DW related (those TARDIS markers are really cool). Enjoy your celebrations!

  48. Happy Birth..month! 🙂

    I really like the hand dyed Peruvian wool, Terpsichore July.

  49. Joy Brooks said:

    Happy Birthday … maybe luck will be on my side since I am turning 50 soon … maybe you need to have some 50 sucks stitch markers in there as well … see turning 40 isn’t quite so bad now is it … I am glad to have found your etsy site … I think I see some new roving in my future … joyb87544

  50. Kathy Wolpers said:

    Oops, just made a purchase without reading this whole post, so didn’t use the coupon code. 40 did suck, but 50 didn’t suck as much. Today is my 51st birthday! Love your simple, snagless stitchmarkers. Knitloon, aka Kathy

  51. Well clearly I love the So Sari stitch markers since I couldn’t leave your shop without ordering them! Not in the shop right now but I also love the Jayne’s Hat long repeat merino roving I got in my last order!
    I definitely have a stitch marker addiction – looking over my Etsy orders, my very first Etsy order in 2007 was for stitch markers.

  52. I love the Hand Dyed Merino Nylon Sock Yarn 450 yds – Pacific Northwest. Home for me is the Oregon, so it fits right in for me

  53. I love the stitchmarkers with the different coloured rings, especially the green, purple & blue ones, like scottish and Dorothy.

  54. So Sorry Phat Batt! It’s lovely, really lovely.
    We’ve had a rainy couple of weeks, and that batt looks like a summer sky.

  55. I absolutely adore your Hand Dyed Polwarth Roving 4oz – Spring Violets. It would make a great pair of socks….if my budget gives me any wiggle room before it is gone, it might have to come live at my house.

  56. Oh wow I love your WENSLEYDALE roving in Wicked!

  57. Karen Jacks said:

    Happy Birthday all month long! I LOVE all the colourful rovings that you have in your shop♥♥♥♥♥. Spinning keeps my fingers warm through the long cold Prairie winter….Karen (kaffekaren on Ravelry)

  58. Janet Martin said:

    I was going to say that was easy, but not so much really–I love both the Sunny Day and Emerald City knit markers in the 10 sets–perfect for circular knitting with the start marker being unique. As for that gorgeous roving–I am going to have to learn to spin!

  59. Happy Birthday!!! To celebrate, I just bought a set of stitch markers from your shop! I especially like the “Ocean” sock yarn.


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