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And the winners are……   (I’ve always wanted to say that):

1. Terpsichore Knitting Pattern: Celeste Burns

2. Terpsichore Knitting Pattern: Heather

3. Snow Cone Roving: Jennifer

4. Tardis Blues stitch markers: Closetonqueencreek (etsy)

5. 40 sucks stitch markers: pennymosher (etsy)

My lovely assistant Yang is busy mailing these things out as we speak. His brother Yin is to lazy to help though.

Ok, so same rules this week, drawing will be done for all entries posted by midnight on Friday, August 26, 2011. Tell me what your fave item is or tell me what you would do with your fave item. You could also post what items you would like to see in my shop that are missing. As before each item purchased from my etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/6catsknittingaround  will get 2 extra entries for each item you purchase from my shop during this time. Also 2 extra entries for each social media you share the blog and/or contest to. If you share it on Ravelry earburn me, I am addknitter00 (also 2 extra entries to anyone who friends me on Ravelry). If you share it via facebook, twitter, or plurk just come back and post another comment for each time that you did so. 5 extra entries for anyone who subscribes to my blog. Good luck & let the games begin!

I am running a sale from 8/1 through 9/9/11 for 15% off if you enter coupon code: 40sucks at checkout.

Juneau says "good luck!" He is very excited about this contest.

What can you win? I will post new prizes and a new drawing each week so make sure and check back to see if you won and to enter for the next week. Each week will be a new drawing so come back and enter all 4. Next week I’ll be giving away a hand carded batt with luxury fibers so make sure and check back for that.

For the 2nd drawing, which will take place 8/26/11 these are the prizes:

1. I am giving away 2 copies of my new shawl pattern, Terpsichore – La Muse De La Danse.

2. A skein of handspun by me Terpsichore that is Corespun Art yarn, 50 yards, 4 ounces.

Terpsichore Corespun Art Yarn

3. 2 sets of knitting stitch markers

Set of 10 “40 sucks” themed stitch markers:

40 sucks stitch markers

Set of 10 “Domestikated Dorothy” themed stitch markers:

Domestikated Dorothy Stitch Markers


Comments on: "Contest Week 2 and Winners!" (23)

  1. OK, now you have made it hard.. you went and added new stuff.. how am I supposed to pick a favorite now? LOL I love the new colours you have dyed up! The sock yarn makes me a little drooly… Thank you!!!

  2. Love your Tequila sunrise yarn….. it would make a really cheerful pair of socks! 🙂

  3. minimerlin said:

    I LOVE Tequila Sunrise. It is so hard to choose!! All of your stuff is so great!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! I love the “Hand Dyed Peruvian Wool Top 4oz – Terpsichore July Phat Fiber.” 😉

    Kimberly (sockbunny on Rav)

  5. Happy 40th birthday celebration! I loved being 40 and am pretty close to 50. I’ll take every day I’m given. :o) Thank you for sharing your celebration! I was drawn to your yarns and I’m really thinking of getting the Pacific Northwest yarn. It really reminds me of the Oregon coast! Oh, and I sent you a friend request on Ravelry. I’m Mazibet.

  6. Lisa Leavitt said:

    This was fun! It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the Hand Dyed Merino Nylon Sock Yarn in the Ocean colorway. Gorgeous!

  7. What a cute kitty. 🙂

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Don’t stress about turning forty. It’s a right of passage, and necessary if you want to get to 50 and beyond. So, at least you’re on your way to “growing up” right? I love your shop, mostly the yarns, but really everything in it!!! Tough choices! I don’t spin, but may have to find someone that does so they can spin me up some of your roving!!! I think I would pick the terpsichore pattern, or maybe some of your yarn so I can purchase your pattern and knit one up. Your colors are AMAZING!!!
    I’m tbmccarthy on ravelry and of “remembering remy”

  9. I LOVE the “Hand Dyed Merino Roving 5oz – True Blood Heather” and would sit and spin it with my new Russian Support Spindle while watching True Blood! LOL

  10. I forgot to add…I am MaryBear on Ravelry and I befriended you there.

  11. Kathy Hennigan said:

    Happy, happy birthday! When I fretted a bit about turning 40 (that was 10+ years ago… do the math!), a friend told me “at least it’s only the little f-word!” Then I turned 40, and it was a piece of cake! (Did someone say cake?!) Your etsy shop has all kinds of fun things in it. I, too, love stitch markers (bling for my knitting), and the colors of your So Sari and Domestikated Dorothy sets are beautiful. And your shawl pattern is gorgeous! Thanks for a chance to win.

  12. Karen Jacks said:

    Mmmmm…my last birthday wish seems to be elsewhere! Well, HB. I love all the colourful rovings, each one more than the last♥♥♥♥♥

  13. While I drooled over several of your lovely yarns, my favorite in your shop right now is the Terpsichore Shawl pattern.

  14. Wow, had to add you to favorite sellers right away. With so many sellers out there it is hard to ever see them all for all things. I am in love with your hand spun and dyed yarns and your roving. So many wonderful color combinations it is way too hard to choose. So much you can do with roving too..spin it, needle felt it..
    Have to say that means I’d choose your new shawl as top favorite, because that would be easy to know what to do with…make as a gift for someone special who might need a lift on a milestone birthday or hospitalization or loss of a close loved one. Something warm to wrap themselves up in and know they are loved, and what a gorgeous pattern it is too!

  15. I love the no frills, but still pretty, stitch markers.

  16. Happy Birthday – love the stitch markers.

  17. My favorite are the Dometikated Dorothy Stitch Markers. Love the colors!


  18. Just posted your contest on my facebook wall. How do you subscribe to your blog? I can’t find a link for that.


  19. Just clicked the link. So I’m all subscribed! Happy Birthday!!!


  20. I Know the contest is over but my fave is the ocean skein and the breakfast at Tiffany stitch markers,my fave movie too.

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