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Final Contest Winners

Week 3 winners are:

1. Henna Hat Knitting Pattern – ScarletPrincess (Etsy)

2. Henna Hat Knitting Pattern – Sandy20 (Etsy)

3. Peacock Stitch Markers – Dramaticknits (Etsy)

4. Terpsichore Knitting pattern – Tracey (blog)

5. Terpsichore Knitting pattern – Lara (blog)

This would be my fave bday cake ever!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this super fun giveaway. I have really enjoyed reading all of your comments and it also helped me to know what I should be putting more of in my shop. It was also really uplifting to get all the great birthday wishes and hear how much you guys like my shawl pattern. That will be the first of many to come because I love to knit shawls!

Outside watching the lightening storm. Yin didn't like it!

Please stay tuned to the blog, I have some really fun stuff planned & will be sharing some funny stories and pictures too. My son is about to come home from his first deployment and I would love to share that with you as well. Meanwhile I think I’ll curl up with one of my fluffy friends and knit until then. Thanks again!

Cuddle bug!


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